Natso doesn’t think truckers are paying enough taxes

Natso, the national trade association representing the truckstop and travel plaza industry, says it believes the (truckstop) industry is meeting the parking needs of the trucking industry. However, if the government says more parking is needed, truckers should pay for it.

Natso's new recommendation calls for the establishment of a special truck parking trust fund that would provide a "dedicated source of revenue for states to use in providing this service to the commercial trucking industry." In a Nov. 13 letter to state transportation officials, Natso's vice president of government affairs, Scot Imus, explains that this new "truck parking trust fund" would be created through a new annual registration fee for truck licensing requiring an additional $300 fee per truck to be added to the International Registration Plan (IRP). States would then be required to use those trust fund dollars on projects that would enhance truck parking availability, including adding rest area spaces, providing better parking information to drivers, or stimulating private sector parking growth.

Natso also proposes closing unneeded rest areas close to existing truckstops so money could be reallocated to areas where more parking is needed. Finally, Natso urged that state transportation departments remove cost prohibitive road improvement requirements on developers attempting to open new truckstops.

Truckers, communicate your views on this to the truckstops where you do business.