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On the lighter side

Truck gets sunroof, compliments of small plane

Truckers and other motorists along U.S. 97 near Chiloquin, OR, must have been shocked when a small plane landed on the long bed of a trucker's flatbed traveling down the roadway. A homemade single-engine plane lost power, requiring the pilot to make an emergency landing. The pilot decided the safest place to attempt a landing was on the northbound stretch of highway. At that time, an unsuspecting trucker inadvertently pulled under the plane. The landing was successful, except for the new sunroof in the trucker's cab, compliments of the plane's front tire.

Attack of the giant backhoe

A man on a stolen backhoe attacked a tractor-trailer that was stopped on Interstate 70 in Colorado. The man, described as a transient, was traveling the wrong way on I-70 near Deer Trail when he encountered a rig stopped along the side of the highway. The man, for a reason only known to him, began using the backhoe in an effort to overturn the truck. The driver leapt from the truck and ran to another vehicle. The truck's fuel tank was ruptured during the attack, causing diesel fuel to spill onto the interstate. The backhoe thief told authorities he was being chased by an armed man. He has since been admitted into a mental hospital for evaluation.

Trash truck puts the squeeze on Nebraska man

From the 'You can't imagine' file, a Nebraska man recently was awakened from his slumber to have the squeeze put on him by a trash truck. The man, trapped in a Omaha city garbage truck, was compacted along with several loads of trash. It appeared the man had been sleeping in a dumpster when the city trash truck came by to empty the trash. The truck continued making stops until the driver finally heard the man's cries for help. By that time, officials estimate he had been compacted two or three times. The man is expected to make a full recovery.

Bright future as stuntman

If leaving the roadway hauling 80,000 lbs. is a bad dream, falling off a bridge is a nightmare. Recently, a Canadian driver lived through a dive from a bridge with only minor injuries. The tractor-trailer he was driving plummeted 33 feet off Highway 401 in Ontario doing what witnesses called a 360-degree mid-air stunt.

"It was something like you might see in the movies. You could hear a large thud," Ontario Provincial Police Constable William Fedde told local newspapers. "I jumped in my cruiser and called for an ambulance. When I got there, the guy was standing outside the truck."

Police reports indicated the rig collided with another truck causing the trucker to lose control. According to the constable, the truck did a "360" and landed in an upright position. The trucker sustained only a small scrape to his elbow.

Have you driven a demonized Ford lately?

A woman from Navarre, Ohio, is convinced that her car is hexed. According to the unhappy car owner, her 2000 Ford GT conjures up a spooky face on the hood each time she washes it. The woman also reports that once while walking to her car after working a midnight shift, she saw the face appear. But there's more. Since she has owned the car, several unexplained events have occurred. A tire has gone flat on three different occasions. And she was rear-ended by another car while waiting for a train to pass at a railroad crossing. In a letter to Ford Motor Co. she said all her friends call it the devil's car. She is still waiting to hear from Ford.