The night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, everyone was in bed
Except a truckdriver rolling straight on ahead,
His fingers were snapping to a Christmas tune,
He was happy to know he'd be home real soon.

When all of a sudden he heard such a noise
And saw a big red bag on his hood full of toys,
He pulled over real quick before he lost the sack,
Got out of his truck, looked forward and back,
He scratched his head a time or two
Then asked himself, "Now what do I do?"

He looked up then when he heard a crack,
Saw Santa leaning over his one smoke stack,
Then when he looked at the top of his trailer,
He reached in his pocket and grabbed his inhaler,
His eyes got big and his face turned white,
No one will believe this trucker story tonight.
For on the top of his trailer, Santa's reindeer stood tall
With Rudolph getting the most attention of all.

Santa looked down and said, "Break one-nine
Can you help me 'cause I've missed my road sign?
Would you look on your map while I feed my reindeer
And direct me on how to get out of here?"

The driver finally recovered his breath
Told Santa to go one mile back and turn west
"10-42" St. Nicholas said
and reminded the driver, "I too pull a sled.
And since your job is one I can dig
Your gift is a brand new rig."

The driver stood there and stared in a glow
When Jolly St. Nick left he did not know
For laid out in front of him was a new ride,
This truckdriver just could not believe his eyes.

The driver cried "Santa have a good flight
And I hope to see you next Christmas Eve night,
But in the distance Santa sang "Get a grip!
Merry Christmas all truckers and have a safe trip."

-Allana Tilson, Chilhowie, VA