Lawsuit Update
Owner-operator lawsuits are producing results

On July 8, the Federal District Court for western Oklahoma found Rocor Inc. in violation of leasing regulations. This court order is the latest development in OOIDA's two class action lawsuits against Rocor (dba Donco Carriers). The first case, filed in June 1998, involves whether or not Rocor may cover owner-operators under its self-insured Workers Compensation Insurance program, and charge owner-operators for that coverage, under Oklahoma state law, and whether or not Rocor has violated the Federal truth-in-leasing regulations at 49 C.F.R. Part 376. The second case, filed in March 2000, involves the propriety of certain of Rocor's actions with regard to its "ROCLease" program.

Judge Tim Leonard of the Federal District Court for western Oklahoma found that Rocor "has violated the federal truth-in-leasing regulations" and that owner-operators are not employees within the meaning of the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Act. The July 8th Order states that a memorandum opinion (not yet available) will explain Judge Leonard's findings in more detail. Additionally, a hearing was held on July 10, 2000, during which Judge Leonard stated from the bench that Rocor's current lease is "clearly deficient." He deferred ruling in order to give the parties a chance to effect a lease that complies with the law. He is expected to rule on July 21, 2000.