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Big Brother, black boxes, badge bullies and bandits
This and more in November's Land Line. In "Issues and Positions," OOIDA President Jim Johnston takes on Orwellian government tactics and a certain CEO who recently announced black boxes will be included as standard equipment on its newest trucks. 

As for badge bullies, yep, they're at it again. This time, they asking truckers for "voluntary" urine samples.  Todd Spencer rails on the Oregon State Police and their pee patrol.

Wild, wild west?
This month's issue brings you an astounding article out of the pages of the Los Angeles Times entitled "Road pirates ride high on Mexican highway." This well-written piece is a shocking glimpse of the dangers that stalk truckdrivers south of the border. 

Access DC
What's the deal with the transportation spending bill, Rep. Frank Wolf and the Office of Motor Carriers? Will there be a separate Motor Carrier Administration? And what ever happened to the CB legislation? Paul Cullen Jr., Land Line's "Washington Insider," camped out on Capitol Hill all month to bring you a wrap on the hot stuff in DC. 

Here come the holidays
We sent senior editor Ruth Jones Christmas shopping for you.  Our annual Holiday Gift Guide is bigger and better than ever. (Pssst. circle what you like and leave the magazine under the tree ...)

While on the road, ever found a missing or runaway kid and wondered what the heck is the right thing to do? Staff writer Donna Carlson lays down specific advice from the experts.

From our columnists, read about load posting services, faxing from the road, your retirement, insurance fraud and LLCs. We've got plenty of show truck news, including Mike Morgan's report from Wheeling. A slew of photos, too. We've got the legislative update. Also, some great equipment features from technical editor Paul Abelson, senior editor Ruth Jones and staff writer Jason Cisper.

Do something for yourself
OOIDA is developing a new Carrier Rating Program. Through this program, members will be able to access information supplied by your fellow OOIDA members. This info will help you evaluate motor carriers you might be interested in working for, or even your current carrier. Please take the time to complete the questionnaire, in the magazine only, and mail it back to us by Dec. 15.