Uniform speed bill clears Texas Senate

MAY 13, 1999 - The members of the Texas State Senate voted favorably on House Bill 676, eliminating differential speed limits between cars and trucks for nearly all routes within the state.

The measure was passed with only two dissenting votes.  The only area where lawmakers left open the opportunity for differential speed limits was on farm-to-market roads. On these roads, lawmakers capped truck speed limits at 60 mph.

A nearly identical version of HB 676 was passed overwhelmingly by the Texas House of Representatives on April 23.

From here, the legislation goes to a conference committee to fine-tune a few unresolved issues and then on to Governor Bush for his signature.

The new speed limits are to become effective on September 1, 1999.

Texas lawmakers should be commended for their timely and responsible actions in approving this legislation.  The many Texas truckers that contacted their elected officials on the need for this legislation deserve the credit for making it all happen.  Thanks from all of us.

Truckers, there is one more contact that needs to be made.  It is with Texas lawmakers.  Let them know that you appreciate what they have done.