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The transportation world's millennium woes are probably becoming tired topics, but China recently offered a unique approach. A spokesperson from the Chinese Ministry of Information Industries issued this more or less terse directive: "All the heads of the airlines have got to be in the air on Jan. 1, 2000. We have to make sure there are no problems in aviation."

The Chinese government's announcement follows the decision by Jane Garvey, head of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, that she will fly across the U.S. on New Year's Eve. What truckers are really interested in, of course, is what's going to happen to his/her truck? LL will feature a series of concise articles on trucking and the Y2K, beginning with the scoop from major U.S. engine manufacturers.

You've probably already heard the news on Marshall Siegel, the guy who was head of a now-defunct Massachusetts' group called I-TOO (Independent Trucker Owner-Operators). Marshall is going to jail for bilking truckers. For the first time ever, here's the story behind the scam. It's a story about two OOIDA members, Keith and Annie Nark, who first exposed Siegel's deceptive shenanigans, and their lawyers. The article also examines the role allegedly played by Firstar Bank of Sheboygan, WI.

Other articles featured in this month's Land Line Online include a round-up of speed limit and related legislation; an exclusive section on extended maintenance, and the astounding (and revealing) testimony of a former Ohio trooper. Also in this issue is a full list of motor carriers who have filed refund claims for Alabama fuel identification fees, citing refund entitlements to owner-operators/agents, but who have failed to respond to requests to identify them.

If you are an OOIDA member, listen up. In the center of the magazine, you'll find an eight-page member supplement. In the May "members only" section, you'll find the dates of the annual safety blitz, a complete chart of speed limits, and (by popular demand) the brand new IFTA fuel tax chart. The supplement also features our scholarship winners, tips from OOIDA's Business Services department and more. This section is for members only and if you are not a member, your issue of Land Line won't include this exclusive section.

Did you make it to the Mid-America Trucking Show? In March, Land Line and OOIDA staffers swooped down to Looahvulle for several days of dazzling show trucks, press events, hot dogs, and a million square feet of trucking stuff. If you were not able to attend, Mid-America Show highlights  will take you on a quick spin through the grandeur.

May 6-8, we'll be in Boston for the New England Trucking show. June 9-11, we'll be in Las Vegas for the International Trucking Show (ITS) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Important note: This is a new location for ITS and the Pride and Polish show will be on-site. There's also on-site parking for truckers attending the show. Shuttles will still run from area truck stops. If you're looking for a trucking-type vacation, this could be it.