All Aboard...
OOIDA Members Cruise the Western Caribbean

A smiling, suntanned group of OOIDA members were among the 180 truckers and family members who boarded Carnival's Celebration on Feb. 7 in New Orleans. The seven-day "Truckers' Cruise," organized by Holiday Travel, made stops in Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Between stops, truckers attended informative seminars, basked in the sun, enjoyed shows and other activities, and dined on plenty of gourmet food. Still, some truckers did find time to play practical jokes on one another. The most successful practical joke was a call one trucker received from his "dispatcher" who implored the trucker to get off at the next stop and fly home - he had a load that just had to go. Amid the outrage and threats to pull his lease, the trucker found out he'd been "had."

Standing L - R: Keith Reed, Levi Groce, Kathleen Klamfoth, James Klamfoth, Ellen Bodine, James Bodine, Mike McKeehan, Norman Pike, Paul Powers, Roger Hyer, John Carnahan, Ed Beemer, Shareece Gourley, Larry Gourley, Vicki Green, Ron Green, Robert Allen, Pete Swartout, Paul Hayes.

Seated L - R: Amanda Reed, Jackie Groce, Land Line Senior Editor Ruth Jones, Caroline Kitchen-McKeehan, Rhonda Pike, Jo Hyer, Jan Carnahan, Arcin Mere, Joyce Beemer, Barbara Allen, Kathy Swartout, Ruth Hayes.

Seated on stage L - R: Dennis Warren, Dee Jones, Doug Keaton, Associate member Rick Bell of Harvard Business Services, Leonard Larson, Kay Larson, George Linkenhoker, Mike Powell.

Among those missing the photo opportunity: Debbie Warren, Robert Rutledge, Robert Reynolds, Richard Och, Daniel Galdau, Melinda Keaton.