Green diesel technology

Termed "Green Diesel Technology," Navistar International Corporation and Siemens Automotive Corporation have finalized a joint venture to develop and manufacture diesel fuel injectors. The hydraulically-actuated low-pressure injectors for use in diesel fuel systems will aid Navistar trucks and buses and products of other Navistar customers in North and South America to meet clean air standards. Green diesel is expected to meet reduced diesel emissions standards in advance of the 2004 compliance deadline set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hybrid vehicle now favored

After struggling to get motorists into electric cars, some automakers are moving away from the technology and focusing on hybrid vehicles powered by both gasoline and electricity. Toyota, General Motors, Ford Motor Co., DaimlerChrysler, and Nissan say they will continue to develop battery-electric vehicles in addition to pursuing other technologies.

Ohio Turnpike clarification

In the May issue, Land Line indicated that 587 accounts had qualified for volume discounts from the Ohio Turnpike Commission. Of the 587 accounts, the commission says 325 qualified for the discount. According to the terms and conditions of the program, a current customer charging more than $1,000 per month gets a 15 percent volume discount in excess of $1,000. Participating customers received $4.9 million in volume discounts for 1998.