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One Byte at a Time
All About E-mail

by John Ewing

One of the great advantages of the Internet is e-mail, which allows you to instantly send and receive messages from friends, family and businesses. This instant messaging service is still largely not understood, so here's a few tips on getting the most out of your e-mail service. 

E-mail address

Your e-mail address is usually the same as your login name followed by your provider's name. For example if your login name is trucker and the name of your ISP is, your e-mail address would be When sending e-mail to others, your e-mail address is normally included automatically in your e-mail and you don't need to worry about it. When filling out forms however, it is not and you are usually asked to enter it. When you enter it be sure you enter it correctly, especially if you want a response to your message. E-mail is very precise, and you must enter it correctly or your response will simply be returned to the sender.


Many people who I talk with know how to use e-mail but don't realize that they can attach things such as files, photos, etc., to their e-mail. The exact method for attaching a file to an e-mail varies with the software you're using but they all operate basically the same. Look for a paper clip icon or the word "attach" somewhere on your e-mail screen. Click this icon or word and a box will open asking you what file you want to attach. This is a Directory Box. Simply locate the file in the directory box and click the "open" or "attach" or "OK" key (this also varies depending on the software you're using). You should then be returned to your e-mail and it should now show the name of the attached file.

Receiving Attachments

If you receive e-mail that has something attached to it, DO NOT DOWNLOAD the attachment onto your machine unless you know the person who sent it. If you receive any message with an attachment from someone you do not know, delete it immediately. When someone sends you an attachment you must tell your computer to download and open it on your machine. In some mail systems, e-mail and attachments are automatically downloaded to your machine when you receive your e-mail, but the file is not transferred from your mail system to your computer until you tell the computer to receive it. It may be something harmless, but it may also be a virus or some other destructive file. If you delete it, you will avoid any possible harm to your computer.

Spam/Junk Mail

Most Internet providers have buffers against this type of e-mail, and some provide you with ways to set your own filters to keep out this unwanted junk mail. America Online for example, allows you to narrow your e-mail down to a selected list of people, or to completely turn it off. This has its advantages as it eliminates junk mail, but you'll also want to consider carefully before turning off your e-mail as you will also eliminate legitimate incoming mail. Quite often, replies to questions I receive are returned with invalid e-mail addresses or notices that the sender's e-mail is "not receiving" e-mail from my account. If you've written with questions or sent me web sites and not received a reply it is because your e-mail settings are returning not only the junk mail, but also legitimate incoming mail. You may want to review your settings and be sure that you're not returning mail that you want to receive. Till next time, be safe. LL

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