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No hay on the range; Oklahoma ranchers seek truckers’ help

Severe drought has caused many Oklahoma cattle ranchers to face winter without hay or pasture to feed their cattle. The state's secretary of agriculture, Dennis V. Hood, is seeking help from the trucking industry to pick up hay in other states and deliver it to Oklahoma.

Approximately 300 Oklahomans have qualified for donations of free hay. The donated hay is located in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana and outlying states. The state does not have the resources to transport this hay.

The secretary of agriculture has contacted OOIDA with a request for assistance. Oklahoma's Richard Kershman, OOIDA board of directors, has been in contact with the department. "Obviously, the state would hope to receive donated trucking, but would be interested in receiving reduced rates and backhauls," says Kershman.

Truckers may call Gary Bledsoe, Liz Cooley, Patsy Fitzgerald, or any staff member at 1-800-580-6543.