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Murder suspect may be hanging around truckers

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation says man who may be soliciting rides from truckers, is wanted for murder. Mario Centobie, 32, was seen at a truck stop near Oxford, AL, on Oct. 9, after he escaped from the county jail in Gadsden, MS. Centobie was being held in the Etowah County jail pending a court hearing when he escaped. After his escape, Centobie reportedly shot a police officer in Tuscaloosa, AL, and later shot and killed a police officer in Moody, MI.


Truck tax preparer stings scammer

A Florida tax accountant who prepares taxes for more than a hundred OOIDA members, outsmarted a phone scam in August. Mary Kay Daily, Christmas, FL, said the smooth talker said he was calling about "exorbitant" use of her phone card. He then tried to gain her confidence by using the phone company's exact verbage to obtain Daily's personal phone card number.

According to Daily, something "clicked" and she turned in his number to local FBI and her long-distance carrier, who confirmed the scam. LL