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You go, girl!

Wisconsin owner-operator Gail Swiger knows that even something as basic as havinga windshield replaced can prove to be a chore in the trucking industry. After running into problems when replacing the windshield in her cabover, Gail decided that more needed to be done to protect other owner-operators.

On Sept. 17, 1998 she climbed down from her truck to chair a task force for The Maintenance Council, a subsidiary of The American Trucking Association. The task force committee was part of the TMC's fall meeting in Kansas City, MO.

Gail and her husband Michael are both active TMC members. At the Sept. 17 meeting, Gail directed the discussion of the task force committee on windshield repair and changes regarding out-of-service criteria.

Gail, an OOIDA life member, owns Swiger Trucking, Inc. with Michael. Their truck, a unique Peterbilt cabover, is leased to Roberts Express. Because of their exemplary record, the Swigers as assigned to the White Glove division for Roberts which includes specialized and fragile freight.