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Sandi Soendker
Managing Editor

This month, Land Line recognizes OOIDA's Silver Anniversary and an astounding 25 years representing professional truckers.  You'll find the report and photos from our Oct. 9 building dedication in this on-line edition.  But to fully realize what an amazing trip it's been, you have to know where it began.  In this issue, we take you back to those volatile days of yesteryear.  "Where were you in '73?" should bring back some old memories.

The whole staff contributed to the history piece, as it's a subject that never fails to motivate us.  But more than that, where are we going?  Jim Johnston, OOIDA president, may not have a crystal ball but he's got eagle vision when it comes to trucking.  In "Going for the Gold," he shares some of this vision.

Few occasions can force people to hold up the events of their lives for a measure like an anniversary.  The roots of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association go far beyond confrontations with policymakers, hard-fought legal battles and efforts to establish a successful business support organization for truckers.  Our history is a heartfelt journey through 25 years of preserving the proud tradition that is trucking.  The journey defines us.

During October, whispers of a newly-released report on hours-of-service swept the industry.  What report?   Whose report? What is the Office of Motor Carriers' response to this report?   Our article includes exclusive remarks from trucking's top government official, OMC's George Reagle.

Will the Ohio Turnpike ever be trucker friendly?  This issue's exclusive interview is with G. Alan Plain, executive director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission.  It's a straight Q and A about the pike.  It was really tough not use the nature of Alan's name to title the piece "Plain Talk" or "Da Plain! Da Plain!"

Our Washington Insider column, a reader favorite, has a new driver at the wheel.  Paul Cullen, Jr., of the Cullen Law Firm in Washington, DC, takes over from Rod Nofziger, who shed his hip waders and left the political arena for the world of teaching.

Thanks to our readers for the many letters and calls of support regarding OOIDA's wave of lawsuits against motor carriers, packing houses, etc.  The impact of those lawsuits is probably best summed up by a tidbit of news dropped by Jim Johnston in his column "Issues and Positions."  It seems ATA put a new educational session on the agenda for their October national convention.  It's called "Owner-Operator Lawsuits:  Are You Next?"

Our silver anniversary issue is Land Line's first monthly magazine.  During the next year, we will be increasing our publication frequency to better keep you informed.  The first week of December, OOIDA members and other subscribers will be receiving the December/January issue in the mail.  In 1999, we plan to publish nine instead of our regular six bi-monthly issues - all part of the master plan to keep professional truckers armed with the information you require to keep your trucking business between the lines.  LL