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On-the-road pet recovery service

Who sits faithfully in the passenger seat of your rig? If it barks or purrs, you're probably going to be interested in a Colorado-based firm called National Pet Protection Network (NPPN). NPPN is offering an identification tag which provides a full range of protection for pets. The service includes a 24-hour toll free number, a private security code, emergency medical treatment, and a reward to finders of lost pets. The package also offers a trip planning service that includes en-routehotels/motels that welcome pets.

"With monitoring capability, no matter where the owner is located, we can insure that the pet is returned safely. No information appears on the tag about the owners, which protects the owners privacy," said Alan Hamilton, NPPN founder. Each tag is engraved with an individual security number and the alert: "if you find me please call 24 hours."

The new NPPN identification tags are now available through more than 2000 retail locations nationwide, including pet superstores, veterinarians, and several pet supply catalogs. For more information contact OOIDA members Bob and Sandy Rogers at: PetSafe, National Pet Protection Network, 253-846-2868,