Sitting duck alert
Land Line's Sept./Oct. article on backups has prompted two more alerts on scale congestion in Ohio and Virginia.

Congestion has been reported in Ohio on I-80 at the Hubbard POE west of Hwy. 7 near the Pennsylvania line. One trucker tells Land Line said he has seen traffic back up a mile and a half on the interstate. He said sometimes the port shuts down at night to relieve backup and they do have a bypass lane, but in 25 years of trucking he has never seen them use it.

On I-81 at the Troutville scales near Roanoke, Virginia, traffic is backing up due to a lane closure. Traffic is squeezed into the right lanes making it difficult for truckers to exit. It has been reported that bypassing the scales will get truckers a $60 ticket. One $60 ticket holder reported that when she went back to take a photo of the problem area, the signs at the beginning of construction had been changed to station closed.