PennDOT Schedules Major Traffic Pattern Change

On Nov. 23, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation initiated a diversion of westbound Route 30 traffic off the main line of the Route 30 Lancaster Bypass in Lancaster County and onto a parallel service road across Route 501 (locally known as Lititz Pike.) Westbound Route 30 traffic is being directed back onto the westbound Route 30 roadway on the other side of Route 501. A traffic signal is now controlling the movement of traffic between westbound Route 30 and northbound and southbound Route 501. PennDOT says substantial traffic back-ups and travel delays are anticipated.

This major traffic pattern change enables contractor to work on the reconstruction of the central portion of the Route 30 bypass. The project should be completed by the end of 1999.

In order to reduce the high volume of vehicles traveling through this new intersection, PennDOT is urging all truckers traveling through Lancaster County on westbound Route 30 to seek alternate routes, such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike. For drivers southbound on Route 301, PennDOT is establishing an alternate truck route into Lancaster City that will utilize Route 722 and Fruitville Pike.

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