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Election 2013: Washington state locale to decide on road repair fund
By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor

Voters in one Washington state community will decide this week on whether to give transportation funding a boost.

Ballots sent to voters in Yakima, WA, for the city’s Tuesday, Aug. 6, primary includes a question about earmarking $2 million a year for street work. The revenue is raised through the sales tax.

Proposition 1 on the local ballot would tap the city’s general fund, which pays for day-to-day operations, to create an account dedicated to street work.

The city located along Interstate 82 would use the new funding to sell bonds totaling $25 million for needed road repairs.

Advocates say the road funding method is intended as an alternative to license-tab fees that are popular in the area. They also note that the change wouldn’t raise taxes.

Critics say that if future sales tax revenues fall below expectations the money would need to be found elsewhere.

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