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Election 2012: Tucson voters to decide on road bonds
By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor

Voters in Arizona’s second-largest city will cast ballots next week on a variety of candidates and issues, including road bonds.

A bond proposal in the city of Tucson would allocate $100 million in bonds to restore, repair, resurface and improve the condition of streets over five years.

If approved, Proposition 409 would cost about $18 per $100,000 of assessed value during the next 30 years.

Most of the bond funds – about 85 percent – would be applied to major street projects. The rest of the funds would be used for neighborhood streets.

Supporters say the city needs to repair streets, but existing funds and funding sources are not enough to keep up. They say that acting now will also allow them to take advantage of lower costs.

Opponents question whether taxpayers can trust city government to spend the money as promised. They point out that local road funds in the past have been diverted to balance other budgets.

There is also concern that the bond question would provide funding for fixes to only about one-third of the city’s major streets and less than 10 percent of neighborhood streets. Critics say that would amount to about 244 of 2,100 miles of roadways to be worked on.

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