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Election 2012: Land Line's elections coverage
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In the past few months, Land Line has profiled numerous candidates and issues that will appear on Nov. 6 ballots around the country.

Intended as a tool for voters to familiarize themselves with candidates and what is on their ballot, readers can access this information here on one Web page dedicated to Election Day.

Land Line has significant coverage on governor races from around the country. On the Election Day page, readers will find articles reviewing the actions of governors who are seeking re-election.

Information is also available on multiple gubernatorial candidates and what they have said in the months leading up to Election Day about how they would address transportation issues.

In addition, information is available on various ballot issues around the country that deal with transportation. Coverage includes questions on statewide ballots as well as countywide and city ballots from nearly 20 states on about 60 transportation-related issues.

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