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FMCSA schedules next HOS listening session for Sept. 22 in Reno, Nev.

FLORENCE UPDATE: Death toll, floodwaters from Hurricane Florence continue to rise

Michigan bill would boost fine for bypassing weigh station

Head to BETO Junction to catch up with The Spirit

Meet Volvo’s Vera – She’s kind of cute
If you want to see what a truly driverless truck looks like, check out Vera. Vera was developed by Vol…

How will self-driving trucks affect driver pay?
A new study claims self-driving trucks could replace up to 294,000 of the best-paying driving jobs. Un…

Trucker helps lay United Flight 93 victims to rest at new 9/11 memorial
Sept. 11, 2001, 8:46 a.m. American Airlines Flight 11 strikes the North Tower of the World Trade Cente…

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Indiana governor says truck toll not a tax; OOIDA says boycott the toll road

CVSA's Brake Safety Week begins Sunday

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Meet Volvo's Vera – she's kind of cute

OOIDA testifies in support of gliders as affordable option for small-business truckers

New Jersey bill would shield drivers from camera enforcement efforts

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This November voters across the country will cast ballots in elections with many important races and issues. Click here to follow Land Line's coverage. It is vital that professional drivers and their families use information available to take advantage of opportunities to have a say in who's representing them and what efforts they support or reject.

2017-18 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2017-18 advisory.

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