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Babin's ELD bill gains more momentum, even more co-sponsors

OOIDA's Spencer blasts ATA, asks FMCSA to work with Congress on ELD delay

U.S. DOT audit reveals FMCSA's effectiveness in reviewing high-risk carriers

Connecticut, Delaware lawmakers endorse transportation 'lockboxes'

Trelp, the Waze of trucker apps, helps truckers find all variations of parking

TravelCenters of America teams up with St. Christopher Fund for annual campaign

Form 2290 deadline Aug. 31; OOIDA can help

Venture capitalists take to the highway
For all those tech companies bent on transforming trucking, the current trucking landscape must seem f…

China doesn’t want truckloads of our waste
China says it will stop importing many kinds of solid waste by the end of the year. This includes recy…

FMCSA not exactly rockin’ that ELD National Tour
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has hit the road with its “ELD Implementation National…

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Rand McNally claims ONE20 committed defamation through fake Twitter accounts

Paccar recalls newer Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks with Cummins ISX engines

Sen. Charles Schumer calls for more underride guard regulations

FMCSA's withdrawal of proposal halts pursuit of new apnea regulation

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2016-17 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2016-17 advisory.

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