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Court denies four of 19 claims in John Christner Trucking lawsuit

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Tolls are good for truckers?

Saskatchewan's mandatory driver training begins March 15

Trucking jobs up in November; slated for five-digit increase for the year

Wisconsin revises rules on certain highway funding

New York trucker sentenced for role in elaborate CDL testing scheme

Affordable Care Act 2019 enrollment deadline is Dec. 15

The Spirit ends year in Idaho; a trip downtown may be in store

Tolls are good for truckers?
Tolls are a potential source of revenue to fund road projects. I get it. But let’s not get carried awa…

Startled to distraction in the name of safety
This just in: It’s unsafe to startle someone when they’re behind the wheel of a loaded com…

Driverless future a long way off
“Without drivers to pay, to carry, or to protect, autonomous vehicles will be much less expensive to p…

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FMCSA posts notice of rejection for 10 ELD exemption requests, including OOIDA's

House members demand probe into XPO's mistreatment of employees

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Startled to safety

Virginia transportation board approves I-81 Corridor Improvement Plan

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Driverless future a long way off

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