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U.S. DOT creates federal committee on automation

OOIDA sees hope for regulatory reform in the 115th Congress

FMCSA is suspending effective date and URS reg

South Carolina bills cover truck lane ban, speed traps

New Jersey trucking company owner arrested for $1 million in unpaid tolls

Ex-wife of Bakken oil field murder-for-hire perp to plead guilty to fraud charge

Trucking company warns of phone scam

Watch CHP escort a jackknifed FedEx tractor down a snowy hill
It’s a nightmare scenario for a truck driver – jackknifing at the top of the grade on a snow-covered mou. . .

New gadgets move us closer to a world of ‘RoboTruckers’
Gadgets and other technological devices can be fun, useful and make our lives easier. <o:p></o:p></div> . . .

I didn’t get health insurance in 2016. Will I have to pay a penalty?
Pending any potential repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, the law at this time still requ. . .

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ELD rehearing appeal denied; OOIDA continues battle on another front

Ex-dispatcher gets 15-months in prison, must pay $1.2 million after guilty plea

Volvo recalls thousands of trucks for faulty electronic air dryer

Pilot Flying J adds more than 1,300 parking spaces in 2016

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Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2016-17 advisory.

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