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Despite delay due to shutdown, hours-of-service reform nearing

Will Utah's Legacy Parkway soon be open to all trucks?

Maine high court hears case of trucker convicted for fatal DUI crash

CVSA opts to end enforcement of rear underride label requirement

FMCSA grants warning flag exemption on auto transporters

Extra ain’t always better
Being extra isn’t nearly as valuable to the team as being consistent. The post NEMF, a big carrier with a colorful history, goes bust
New England Motor Freight, a New Jersey-based LTL, filed for bankruptcy this week, just one year after…

Truckers are paying for our ‘free’ two-day shipping
According to ATRI's recent e-commerce report, consumers expect free two-day shipping. Nothing is free.…

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TANDEM THOUGHTS: A big carrier with a colorful history goes bust

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TANDEM THOUGHTS: Extra ain't always better

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New Jersey intersection ranked worst truck bottleneck in the nation

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