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Werner trainee receives 50 years for murder in stabbing death of driver trainer

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Hair testing 'scientifically unreliable and discriminatory'

Virginia officially launches truck-only toll study, announces public hearing dates

Three states take action on left lane use; other efforts remain active

Compliance check-up – OOIDA can help

Hair testing ‘scientifically unreliable and discriminatory’
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has maintained a clear message that hair testing is…

A new day on detention pay?
Is the industry turning a corner on the issue of detention time? Possibly, but don’t count on it. At t…

How to sustain the sustainable
“Santa Fe truck Stop rejected; other development approved.” Santa Fe, Sweetie, let’s sit d…

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Repeal of emissions requirements for glider kits could be finalized as soon as this month

TANDEM THOUGHTS: A new day on detention pay?

Lawmakers ask FMCSA's Martinez to grant OOIDA's ELD exemption request

OOIDA speaks out against twin 33 proposals

U.S. Navy veteran who pilots The Spirit pulls up at Warriors' Weekend

Election 2017

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This November voters across the country will cast ballots in elections with many important races and issues. Click here to follow Land Line's coverage. It is vital that professional drivers and their families use information available to take advantage of opportunities to have a say in who's representing them and what efforts they support or reject.

2017-18 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2017-18 advisory.

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