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FMCSA grants another ELD exemption, two more waivers

Kentucky bill singles out trucks for left-lane ban

Former trucking CEO takes restitution case to Supreme Court

Ontario Ministry of Transportation conducting truck parking survey

Diesel prices rise across the U.S. rise 3 cents this week over last

Two Daimler Truck dealerships merge to form TNTX

The King, The Duke, and Jim
Jim Johnston was an Elvis fan. Knowing this, our chief sound engineer, Barry Spillman, made it his mis…

What a bunch of cheapskates
Trucking is too cheap.  Sure consumers eventually benefit, but the nickels they save at the Walmart co…

Remembering Jim Johnston
Following yesterday’s announcement of the passing of Jim Johnston, OOIDA’s longtime presid…

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Comments on OOIDA's ELD exemption reflect dissatisfaction with mandate

TANDEM THOUGHTS: What a bunch of cheapskates

Mississippi bills would set speeds at 75 mph, slow trucks to 45 mph in bad weather

Two more ELD exemption requests open for comments

Nearly 1,700 comments filed in support of OOIDA's ELD exemption request

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This November voters across the country will cast ballots in elections with many important races and issues. Click here to follow Land Line's coverage. It is vital that professional drivers and their families use information available to take advantage of opportunities to have a say in who's representing them and what efforts they support or reject.

2017-18 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2017-18 advisory.

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