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ANALYSIS: FMCSA turns more unlicensed drivers loose on the road
Feds greenlight placing safety gadgets inside windshield wiper sweep area
Missouri revises rules on carrying concealed weapons
Fire burns down Pennsylvania trucking company

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Like clockwork, tractor-trailers demonstrate precision
The goal in the trucking industry is to run as efficiently as possible. Every owner-operator sets out to. . .

Dear Charlotte protesters ...
While I support your right to protest and speak out on social injustice, please let cooler heads prevail. . .

Seems my in-the-box Optimus Prime just lost some value
As uncharacteristic as it may seem, I geek out a little bit over Transformers. I grew up with a little b. . .

Fuel Savings & Idle Reduction Guide

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Don't get stuck at idle

The reasons for idle-reduction equipment are as important as ever. Protect your truck engine. Reduce operating expenses. Keep yourself safe and comfortable.

2015-16 Winter Chain Law Advisory

Winter Chain Laws

A comprehensive roundup of chain laws and guidelines, now including Canada's chain laws. Here's our 2015-16 advisory.

U.S. Laws Canadian Laws

Trucker Buddy's Online Magazine

Trucker Buddy

Truck Buddy International has been improving the image of the trucking industry and encouraging students since 1992. Here is the lates issue of its online magazine.

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