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OOIDA ELECTIONS Voting now open in the OOIDA Biennial Board of Directors election

Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears case regarding 'business privilege tax'

State officials set stage for transportation funding discussions

Winner of Transition Trucking award revealed

Affordable Care Act 2019 enrollment deadline is Dec. 15

Driven to Survive: Trucker takes on TV’s ‘Survivor’
When the CBS reality show “Survivor” began in 2000, it quickly became notorious in part because of a t…

The driver pay problem – how we got here
So why don’t carriers simply raise driver pay and pass it along to shippers? That would seriousl…

Tolls are good for truckers?
Tolls are a potential source of revenue to fund road projects. I get it. But let’s not get carried awa…

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Florida trucker arrested for selling fake insurance policies to fellow truckers

EPA announces investigation into Tennessee Tech study on gliders

Supreme Court lets stand rulings that three companies misclassified drivers

TANDEM THOUGHTS: The driver pay problem – how we got here

TANDEM THOUGHTS: Driven to Survive: Trucker takes on TV's "Survivor"

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This November voters across the country will cast ballots in elections with many important races and issues. Click here to follow Land Line's coverage. It is vital that professional drivers and their families use information available to take advantage of opportunities to have a say in who's representing them and what efforts they support or reject.

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