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Trump administration asks for 90-day stay on trailer makers' reg challenge

OOIDA's Todd Spencer talks SCOTUS challenge to ELD mandate with LLN

Eagle Express Lines taking over felonious Virginia company

PennDOT and Trillium CNG open the first of 29 CNG stations in the state

Annual Mother's Day convoy approaches; volunteers sought

CVSA Roadcheck planned for June 6-8

OOIDA recognizes drivers for safe driving records

OOIDA member’s son eliminated from NBC’s The Voice
Quizz Swanigan was eliminated from NBC’s The Voice on Tuesday, April 18, when he failed to receive eno…

Voice playoffs start for OOIDA member’s son
The playoffs for NBC’s The Voice start tonight, and an OOIDA member’s son remains one of the 20 compet…

Rosekind’s job at Zoox raises some questions
Have you ever heard of the start-up Zoox? Neither have I, but you’re probably going to hear a lot abou…

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OOIDA takes ELD case to the U.S. Supreme Court

Fighting For Truckers adds option to email lawmakers on ELDs

Truckers in Nevada could soon pay more at the pump to benefit truck parking

OOIDA debuts new health insurance option 'Minimum Essential Coverage'

Virtual weigh station opens in Delaware at SR 1

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